All The Fixin’s

April 14, 2014


Editor’s Note: This post isn’t about money, so don’t freak out!

If you have been through the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University than you are familiar with his description of a woman’s security gland.

Basically, Dave teaches that much of a woman’s sense of security is attached to her financial wellbeing. During our 23 years of marriage Julie and I have seen several ups and downs financially. I can attest to the existence of the female security gland. It may not show up on any medical scans, but believe me, it does exist.

Just as many women have a security gland, many men have a fix it gland. The minute we are confronted with a problem we go into fix-it mode. The biggest challenge for men is trying to figure out when to try to fix something and when to just be an observer.

Two of my daughters are knee deep into their teen years. My fix-it gland is in a state of constant spasm. They make so many poor decisions, and they lack so much experience that teachable moments abound.

Last night Julie and I were lamenting some issues that we have been wrestling with for a while. We both agreed that we needed to spend some time in prayer, but as we examined the issue at hand we both found ourselves discouraged. We both felt completely prayed out. We have spent so much time on our knees in prayer that we both have run our words dry.

Last night we didn’t pray about the problem directly. Last night we prayed about our ability to rest in the midst of the storm. Just as we are not always the cause of the problem, we aren’t always going to be the solution either.

Sometimes, it’s not about fixing anything.

Sometimes, it’s just about having faith, and sometimes faith is harder than anything else.

James Dibben


2 responses to All The Fixin’s

  1. Dave Stewart May 5, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    All female household…been there, done that. My three daughters are now 36, 38 and 43 years old. They were all first class PITA during the teenage years(14 is the ultimate PITA age) but they are now the Joy of my (and my wife’s) life. Hang in there.

    All the best
    Dave Stewart.

    • Dave! My stupid site never emailed your comment to me! It’s good to see you!

      It’s good to know there is hope. I have a lot of weeks where I’m ready to give up! 😉