May 18, 2013
Elaina and Anjelia at 5am

Elaina and Anjelia at 5am

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start running to get into better shape. You can read more about that HERE.

Anyway, a few days into my new exercise routine we were on our way out of an elementary school function when Elaina asked me a question.

“Dad, can I go running with you in the morning?”

“Sure, honey.”

“Really, are you serious?”

“Sure, you can go if you want.”

Anjelia jumps into the conversation: “Dad, can I go running with you guys too? I’m real fast! Watch!”

Without a moment’s hesitation she sprinted about 50 yards as fast as she could.

“See how fast I am, dad? I’m fast enough to go with you in the morning, aren’t I?”

“You sure are fast enough, Anjelia!”

That evening before turning out their lights I asked them again if they were both serious about running with me.

“Five AM comes really early. Are you two sure you want to go running with me?”

They both nodded eagerly.

“I’ll get you both up at five but you only have ten minutes to get dressed and ready before we hit the door.”

“Dad, will we have time to get something to eat?” Anjelia asked.

“You can grab a cheese stick to eat before we walk out the door.”

The next morning I went in to wake them up. Anjelia sprung out of her bed and was ready to leave in just five minutes. I snapped the photo above just as we were about to walk out the door. While we were doing our brisk-walk warm-up I explained to them both that I was in the middle of trying to get into shape.

“Currently, my training is really simple. We are going to walk for sixty seconds alternating with jogging for ninety seconds.”

I was afraid Anjelia would run out of juice, so I gave Elaina some instructions.

“Elaina, if Anjelia gets tired you need to hang back with her while I finish my route. I’m here to get into shape.”

Elaina nodded in understanding and we began running per the voice instructions on the app I am using.

The route I am taking is just under two miles. Both girls did great but at about the halfway point Anjelia started complaining of some abdominal discomfort. During the walking minutes I questioned her to make sure she was okay. She nodded that she could make it, so we kept going. I again explained Elaina’s instructions to her and she agreed.

At the three-quarter point Anjelia started getting very uncomfortable and had to quit running. I could actually see our house at this point, so I reminded Elaina to hang back with Anjelia so I could finish the run, but once I got about a hundred feet from the two of them I could tell I was ruining things by leaving them both behind. I turned around and went back to them. Anjelia was crying and Elaina was holding her hand. Anjelia was so sad that she wasn’t able to keep up. I offered her my hand, she wiped the tears from her eyes, and we finished the final five hundred feet together.

I didn’t get the exact level of exercise and training I had planned. What I did get was thirty minutes of special time with two girls who think I’m the best dad ever.

It was the best morning ever.

James Dibben