Journal: April Babies

September 6, 2012

This wasn’t the normal kind of crying I have ever experienced while watching a movie.

Yesterday afternoon Julie and I sat down with our two oldest daughters to watch October Baby.

Julie, Lydia and Jessica went to watch it in the theater last fall and loved it. I knew I would enjoy it as well, but I was not prepared for how emotional the living room was going to become during this film.

When it comes to the heavy issue of choosing life over abortion our family doesn’t just share opinions; we have lived it out.

Lydia and Jessica are both adopted. Their beginnings could have been violently stopped if their birth mothers had made their decisions based on what popular culture would have told them.

Both girls’ birth mothers were victims of poverty. Both birth mothers had no support from family or friends. Both birth mothers could have chosen an abortion center over taking a baby to full term. Both birth mothers picked another path. A path which allowed Julie and I to adopt these two beautiful girls into our family. They allowed God to work the kinds of miracles only He can work, because these women chose life.

As the four of us watched October Baby together there were not just red eyes and a few wet cheeks. No, our living room was full of audible weeping. Like no movie we have watched together this one dealt with so many of the emotions all four of us have dealt with, are currently dealing with, or will some day have to confront.

Julie and I know what it is like to burn with a passionate desire to have a family, but fall short in our own abilities. We know what it is like to have that desire fulfilled through God’s divine providence.

We know that both of our daughters struggle to understand their own personal stories. We know they are trying to balance their current lives with what their lives might have been like. Sometimes they ask us point blank, and sometimes they write about it and share those writings with us.

At the end of October Baby Hannah runs up to her dad, gives him a big hug and says: “Thank you.”

“What for?” was her father’s answer.

Hannah looked into her dad’s eyes and said: “For wanting me.”

That moment in the film moved me so deeply that I started weeping out loud.

Lydia and Jessica: You are both wanted, and no one else on earth could possibly want you for daughters more than I do.

lydia and jessica

Lydia and Jessica

Why am I pro-life? Because in April of 1998 and 1999 two complete strangers decided they were, and the lives of thousands of people will be better for it.

James Dibben


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