Ice in the toilet

December 10, 2012
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Bear Builder

When you are nine years old a temperature below freezing is reason enough to expect inclement weather.

Last night Kansas City experienced its coolest night of the season. We spent the evening at a church-sponsored Christmas party, and on the way home Anjelia decided she needed to do everything in her power to make sure school would get canceled because of bad weather. Apparently, when you are nine the only real requirement for snow and ice are sub-freezing temperatures and a little luck. I explained to Anjelia that the weather forecast only called for a twenty percent chance of precipitation, but she didn’t care.

God took care of the freezing temperatures. The rest was up to Anjelia.

As soon as we entered the house she was on task. She disappeared into her room, and she came out wearing her pajamas inside out; step one was complete. Next she headed into the kitchen and opened the freezer. She grabbed a handful of ice cubes and proceeded to the bathroom where she quickly hurled them into the toilet, which she did not flush; step two in the bag, or the stool as it were. Finally, she hit us with a completely new one. She ran back into the kitchen, pulled out the silverware drawer and grabbed a spoon. She sprinted back down the hall and and placed the spoon under her pillow; her mission was now complete. Jessica decided to help. She grabbed our Chihuahua, Louie, and put one of his T-Shirts on him. The T-Shirt was inside out of course.

Anjelia has pulled this trick in the past with some success. I remember one evening last year when she did a bunch of this stuff, and I ended up getting a phone call from the school district at five in the morning announcing a school closing. That night the weather forecast was predicting a fifty percent chance of snow. Apparently fifty percent is the tipping point.

According to Elaina: “Anjelia woke me up early because she was looking out the window for the snow.”

It will be a sad day around our house when this last one grows past this kind of imagination. For now it is my job to just enjoy how playful she is.

James Dibben


8 responses to Ice in the toilet

  1. I was doing my best to support her from this end, hoping myself for a snow day, even if I would have had to trudge in to work. There is always something magical about snow on the ground.

    It will be sad when she grows out of this imagination. You can only hope, and of course pray, that she will quickly recover it. I think many of us have the opportunity to re-embrace our imaginations and out playful spirit and even if it is not quite as innocent and special as when we are kids it is still pretty darn amazing.

  2. Please do, I’d be happy to give it a whirl. And our toilet could do with a good icing.

  3. We got about a foot of snow over the past couple of days. Had I known you needed some, I would have tried to send it your way. School was called off for today in many local districts. Work was not called off, however.

  4. What a sweet story about the imagination of a young, innocent child. We have to appreciate it and be glad in it as well. It is so sweet. I’ll have to try the PJs inside out. However, living in Texas, we don’t get much snow. Yeah, it’s a bummer at times. But we are so blessed with amazing weather most all the time.

    I’m hoping she’ll get to have that day off from school before too long. That is such an exciting time for a child; snow on the ground, being able to get out in it, and not having to go to school.

    Deb 🙂

    • Julie always goes into the bathrooms and puts notes on the mirrors announcing the school closing.

      Hopefully we will have a couple this year. No one appreciates them more than she does.