Expect Greatness

October 31, 2012
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Culture is so loud.

I feel outnumbered.

I listen to the radio with my daughters, and I try to listen for the negative messages being sent. Anytime network television is on I try to watch a little to keep my hand on the pulse of the messages being sent my daughters.

One thing that frustrates me is the commercials that come on during family-friendly content. You would think that this would be a pretty safe time to watch family friendly content. Because all of the commercials are political in nature there should be less provocative advertisements. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Just this week I was introduced to a commercial in which a woman’s virginity is compared to voting for the first time.

This isn’t a political blog, but I can’t help but comment on social issues especially when those issues impact my daughters.

I am so thankful my two teen girls see the value in abstinence. One wears a promise ring and the other one would except she doesn’t like wearing rings. I’m working on something for this one; I like the kind of accountability that comes along with wearing jewelry as a reminder, but I digress.

My frustration with the “birth control for teens” mindset is how low the standard is. Besides, how can we expect someone who can’t remember to take vitamins to be able to manage birth control?). I believe in my daughters’ ability to accomplish great things. I don’t even have to force this on them because they believe in it for themselves as well.

I’m not looking to control my daughters’ lives, but I am looking to offer them wise counsel; this is my responsibility as their father, and I will not shy away from it.

I’m just taking my cues from God. He operates in much the same way. He wants and expects great things from us. He does not force anything on us but gently nudges us in the right directions. When we make bad choices, He is always there to lift us back up and support us.

I will love my daughters regardless of their success or failure in any area of life. I will always be there for them, to love them no matter what happens either from their choices or the choices of others.

I will also love and accept them unconditionally just as God does for me.

Romans 8:38-39

38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

James Dibben


6 responses to Expect Greatness

  1. Hi, James,
    I totally love what you’re doing with your girls and family. To see a father trying to educate, direct, love and teach them about God is so inspiring. I’m a mother of two grown children, and now I have grandchildren that I try to teach, guide, and direct as well. One of the most important lessons, I believe, that I taught my kids was how to pray! So powerful. As well as how God loves us unconditionally, like we love our kids and grandkids. Keep up the good work! And I’m praying for Gods favor over you and your family!

    Deb 🙂

    • Thanks Deb!

      Your comment has given me some good content ideas.

      I plan on doing a series called “Letters to my daughters” where I plan on sharing wisdom with them directly. I’ll print up my post and hand it to them. Sometimes they seem to do better reading what I have to say than listening to me ramble.

      I’ll take all the prayers I can get!

  2. Comparing the losing virginity to voting for the first time? I can’t even imagine how they worked that comparison out. *head shaking* I try to monitor what my girls watch and hear, but now that they’re old enough to go to school, the control is disapparing. So my wife and I sort of just keep our ears open and listen to our girls, answer questions, and try and keep things open with them. That way any messages they’re receiving can be openly talked about.

    So much information these days, so much!

    • It’s an Obama commercial. You should look it up! lol 😉

      What a great thing you and your wife are doing there! So many kids feel uneasy being honest with their parents. If we could learn to avoid exploding every time our kids tell us something we don’t want to hear I’m sure our kids would open up to us more.

  3. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes of network television to convince you that it is full of one terrible message, one terrible example, after another. Ugh. So disgusting and maddening most of the time. And the messages sent to women I think are far more harmful than those sent to men.

    A parent has to set boundaries and sometimes be the police over what their kids watch/do/etc. but I think the more effective method is that which emphasizes what you are talking about, giving your kids wise counsel so that they will make wise decisions for themselves. I don’t buy into the idea that teens can’t make good decisions. They can’t in a place void of guidance and consequences, sure, but neither can we as adults. But when given good, godly advice I believe teens can lead exceptional lives.

    • I agree with you completely of course.

      I think society has just given up on teens. It’s so much easier to just let them do whatever they want than it is to put in the work it takes to help them learn how to live lives of deeper meaning.