“Hi honey, what are you up to?”

“Helping you rake the leaves.”

“Aw, I’m glad you are out here with me!”

“Look, I can get a lot at one time!”

“Wow, that is a lot, Anjelia! Okay, hold that bag open for a minute and I’ll put some leaves in it. See, now it will stand by itself.”

“Yeah, it’s ready for us to put a bunch of leaves in it now.”

“Get down on your knees like this and use your arms to get a bunch at once.”

“Like this?”

“Yeah, that’s perfect! See how many you got?”

“That worked great! Dad, this bag is full now.”

“It’s not full yet. Look, if I put my foot in, and smash the leaves with it we can put even more leaves in the bag.”

“Wow, I’m not tall enough to do that. I can push some of the leaves down with my arms though. See?”

“You did push the leaves down really far!”

“Okay, lets move to a new pile, Anjelia.”

“Dad, we are almost done!”

“Actually we still have more to rake.”

“I don’t see any more piles.”

“This is the last pile, but there are still a lot of leaves I need to rake. See over there in the corner of the yard?”

“Oh wow, there are still a lot of leaves.”

“Okay honey, it’s getting dark now. Let’s finish this last pile and call it a night.”

“Then we can go inside, and we won’t be cold anymore.”

“It is kind of cold out here tonight.”

“Okay dad, let’s go inside.”

“Alright, let me check my shoes in case they got dirty. Thanks for helping me tonight.”

“I like it when you come outside, Dad.”

James Dibben