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I don’t want to work on character change tonight. I’m tired.

Said Julie

When Carl dies, I want some of his stuff. 

Said Lydia 

Here, charge these batteries for the flashlight.

Said Julie during a power failure.

We only use a quarter of our brains so yeah, we are idiots.

Said Anjelia

Do MU fans like to drink tea?

Said Anjelia

Anyone who wants to marry me better love Jesus and Asians.

Said Lydia to James

James says seriously: “I’m trying to leave my mark on this family.

Julie says sarcastically: “Oh you’re leaving one.”

A conversation between James and Julie

Does it look like I want to go to Walmart for the third time today?

Said Julie to Anjelia

Stop tumbling, Anjelia!

Said Lydia

I’m a mother, I like to see people eat.

Overheard during breakfast